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After I finished college, I knew that I wanted to continue to learn throughout my life. Instead of being stuck in a dead-end job, I started going back to school to learn how to do different tasks like woodworking and programming. It was really challenging at first, but little by little, I could tell that my education was starting to blossom. I was really pleased to feel accomplished and successful, and it was great to use my new skills in my everyday life. I wanted to make this blog to help other people to be motivated to learn and grow.

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Family Nurse Practitioner Programs: Certifications And Resume Building

Even before COVID-19, family nurse practitioner positions were in high demand. Whether you're switching careers or looking to advance your current nursing position, choosing the right family nurse practitioner program can help you capitalize on the unprecedented need for highly-qualified nurses.

Here are some of the ways that a family nurse practitioner program can give you more options when it comes to finding employment after graduation.


Earning a family nurse practitioner certification takes skill, passion, and determination. When you're choosing a family nurse practitioner program, it's important to look for institutions that offer students the chance to walk into job interviews with extra certifications.

  • National: most family nurse practitioner programs focus on state-issued certifications. Although fulfilling the requirements needed to earn a state-specific certification is important, you can also earn a national certification which will allow you to work virtually anywhere. In addition to being able to work in every state, you can also take advantage of lucrative travel nursing positions to provide emergency family nursing when demand overruns an area. If you decide to pursue national certification, it's critical to research an institution's pass rate for the test and the number of instructors who have attained national certification.
  • Specialization: most family nurse practitioner programs provide general nursing training. However, if you want to make yourself stand out to potential employers or you're passionate about working with specific types of patients, getting a certification related to a specialty can be well worth the investment. To get the training and experience you need to obtain your specialized certification it's important to consider a family nursing practitioner program's faculty, facilities, and partnerships with local health care providers. Inquire with your admissions counselor and schedule appointments with faculty members before you enroll.

Resume Builders

Even though demand for family nurse practitioners far outweighs the supply of qualified students, the best job opportunities can be competitive. When you enroll in a family nurse practitioner program it's critical to get the training and experiences you need to build an impressive resume.

  • Networking: choosing a family nurse practitioner program that helps you network with the best employers in your area can help you get your foot in the door before you graduate. One of the easiest ways to weed out family nurse practitioner programs is to visit your dream employer(s). When you visit the employer ask to speak with a family nurse practitioner to see where the majority of nurses received their training.

For more information on a nurse practitioner program, contact a company near you.